Steadfast Paper, Inc. - Envelopes

Steadfast Paper is proud to represent the following Envelope mills:



Steadfast Paper offers many different types of envelopes. You may choose from standard envelope sizes or custom sizes. We offer both plain and printed envelopes, and we have a wide selection of envelope styles and stocks, ranging from regular #10 envelopes to envelopes made from shine and translucent papers.

We offer the following types of envelopes that can be used at home, in the office, or for special occasions:

  • Regular & Window Envelopes
  • Catalog & Clasp Envelopes
  • Baronial Envelopes
  • Bangtail Envelopes
  • Hitch-Hiker Envelopes
  • Booklet Envelopes
  • CD/DVD Envelopes
  • A-Style Envelopes
  • Button & String Envelopes
  • Coin Envelopes

If you do not see what you are looking for, please inquire about our many other styles!

We also offer specialty shine and translucent envelopes.

Our specialty shine envelope colors include:

Our specialty translucent envelopes colors include:

Whatever your envelope needs may be, Steadfast Paper can get it for you at the right price!

Please contact us directly toll free at (888) 483-6300 for inquiries on sizes, styles and colors!