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What is Microsphere adhesive?
Microsphere Adhesive is an ultra-removable adhesive that is powered by tiny spheres invisible to the human eye. They are easily repositionable and remove without a trace. Microsphere adhesive has an excellent durability and life cycle. It has stable tack, is ultra-removable (it is repositionable over and over) and suitable for a wide range of applications. It has a clean removal and leaves no residue, transfer or damage to the print surface. There is also no ghosting on clear and frosted application surfaces.

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Magnified Microspheres

Where did it come from?
Microsphere adhesive was developed in 1968 and is the most repositionable pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) developed to date. It originally appeared as the glue strip on the back of repositionable notepaper. The advanced performance characteristics offered by microsphere adhesive is based around its particle size. Microspheres range between 10 and 250 microns in diameter and are much larger than the emulsion particles found in conventional adhesives. The size of microsphere is customizable for varying degrees of tack and applications. Microsphere adhesives limit physical contact by forming a discontinuous adhesive surface; they have low peel, stable tack over time, and hold products firmly in place on most substrates. Ultimately they are easily removable and permanently repositionable.

Why Microsphere?
Microsphere is a versatile adhesive with countless applications and amazing versatility. It is resistant to ultraviolet rays, so it is an ideal choice for products that are or may be exposed to the sun. It can also be screen printed, printed, die-cut and transfer coated. It is FDA approved for indirect food contact so it can be used on food-packaging applications as well. For example, if food or other consumable needs to remain fresh in their original containers a strip of the adhesive can make it easy to open and close. It is acid-free and water based which removes the risk of damaging substrates like photos. It contain no solvents, and because of its durability, results in less waste over time, thereby reducing the impact on landfills. One could call this a "greener" alternative to other similar products.

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Microspheres in action!

Some top applications of Microsphere adhesives are product decorations, wall graphics, temporary signage, news labeling, direct mail labels and repositionable notes. Other applications where microspheres have proven successful are in laminators, dispensers, glue dots, glue sticks, wet glues, glue pens, tapes, adhesive sheets, and other products for gluing substrates in just about any handcrafted work of art. Essentially anything that needs removed and reapplied to virtually any substrate, while maintaining stable adhesion, is a great candidate for microsphere adhesive.